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Vehicle Insurance

Motor or vehicle insurance’s principal use is to provide financial protection against physical injury and other legal damages or legal liability towards third party arising from traffic accidents. It covers cars, trucks, motorcycles and other road vehicles. It also gives security to the vehicle against theft/robbery or any harm done to it by causes other than traffic issues.

The insurance offers coverage for drivers, passengers and people not in the vehicle but have been injured some way or the other because of it. This indemnity is absolutely essential for the security of your new automobile as it includes loss caused by accident, fire, lightning, self ignition, external explosion, burglary, trespassing or theft.

You might ask why you should choose us. There are numerable additional benefits that our company provides to the customers. We have unique add on covers and we settle your claims in few days.

This cover pays the difference between the claim amount to be obtained and the price at which the vehicle had been purchased as per invoice. Under it the No Claim Bonus can be preserved. The reason why our Insurance service is one of the best ones in the present market is we cover various unusual instances too. It pays the amount spent in replacing lost or stolen keys or forcibly broken locks. Besides if your automobile breaks down due to accidents our insurance policy will pay the charges of overnight stay and taxi fare.

We take special care of each customer and your pains and sorrows are treated like it’s ours.

Benefits :

  • √ The services help you to offset the cost of :
  • √ Body injuries to yourself or others
  • √ Lost wages because of injuries
  • √ Benefits to survivors due to accidental death
  • √ Repairs made to the vehicles due to damages caused in accident

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